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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Trinity Explained, Trinity of Man, Trinity of the soul, Trinity of the angel

The Trinity of Lights

The source is one, but the manifestations are many, just as white light has a composite of 7 colors, so it is that our God is one, but manifests as 7 primary Elohim.

The divine trinities are levels within each of the 7 God heads, which function on a hierarchy of 3 levels each. The 3 part composition is what we see expressing itself on all levels and plains of existence. In the atom, we have the nucleus, the proton, and the electron. The atom being the basic form on which the molecule is built. The molecules bond to form the compounds of complex organisms. So, no matter how complex one organism is, it’s a basic composition is that of the trinity.

It requires a minimum of 3 parts or attributes of anything to give manifestation to something. The number 3 is therefore very significant on both the physical and spiritual plains. For a God or man or atom or rock will consist of at least a minimum of 3 parts for it to exist. The number 3 is the dominating force or principle on the spiritual plain, passing through various levels or degrees to form all things below. Look at the complexity of colors we have around us, yet all these billions of colors are formed by the 3 basic colors of Red, Yellow and Blue.

The heavenly trinity maintains a slight variation of the trinity of colors. The colors of spiritual or heavenly realm are White, Black and Red, whereas the triune colors of earth are Red, Yellow, and Blue. Keep this variation of colors in mind as you compare the physical with the spiritual.

The trinity is like a step ladder, where at each step you take climbing the ladder there are 2 rungs of steps above you. In climbing the ladder, you first take one step on the ladder. The second foot may rest on the same level as the first leg. You then lift up one foot up the second rung, while the first leg remains on the first rung. The hand then reaches up to grab the rung above you. Hold the picture in your mind for a second. One foot below, and one foot above, while the hands grasp the rungs above your head firmly.

This picture is the shape and design of the trinity. The trinity is an infinity number of 3 rungs, such that whichever level you are, you form a trinity. In that no matter at what stage you are, there are 2 higher stages above you.

I will illustrate this by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Starting from the number 1, the trinity is 1, 2, and 3. Starting from the number 2, the trinity is 2, 3, and 4. Starting from the number 3, the trinity is 3, 4, and 5. Starting from the number 4, the trinity is 4, 5, and 6. Starting from the number 5, the trinity is 5, 6, and 7. Starting from the number 6, the trinity is 6, 7, and 8. Starting from the number 7, the trinity is 7, 8, 9. I hope you get the picture by now, no matter at what level or plain of existence you are; you are connected to 2 levels above you.

The Trinity of Man

Man is a complex being made in the image of God, complex with an infinite scale of triune components within each aspect of himself. To examine each aspect of man, will take volumes, for it will be similar to analyzing God, or analysis of the various compositions of colors, which are billions.

Nonetheless, the larger conglomerate of aspects can be examined on the larger scale, sol let take a look at the picture in terms of what we know. Man as a living organism has a mind, for we are thinking and intelligent beings. Therefore, we can all agree that we have a brain, and we have a mind. I guess we all agree on this basic faculty, the energies of mind are present in all living beings.

Man has a physical substance, which we call flesh. It is tangible as any tangible substance. We can touch and feel it, and therefore there is no doubt in any of us that we have substance. For the lack of a better term I have referred to our tangible substance as energies of sound. These are explained in the books of Sound, Light & Mind.

By looking at man we observe that we have color, or complexion, the basic known to us are the Black of the Africans and the Caucasians of the Europeans. This aspect of color I have referred to as light as referenced in the books of Sound, Light & Mind.

So basically, by looking at living organisms around us, from the small worm to the complex man, there are 3 observable aspects, which is a physical body, a mind that allows the being or creature to express itself, and move around, and a distinct color giving man a discernable presence.

As previously illustrated every aspect of a thing manifested ahs several levels of trinities within it. Therefore, by examining the physical composition of man, which we call the body, know without a doubt that there are 2 additional bodies connected to it, whether you see them or not. The formula of the trinity remains the same and changes for nothing. Having established that no matter what you observe there are 2 similar ones connected to that thing, man is then said to have a physical body, a physical soul, and a physical spirit.

Even thought you do not see the other 2 bodies, know that they are there mathematically and scientifically. Whether our scientists are able to show it to you in glass tube or they are invisible to your eyes, know that without a doubt, and hold this unshakable knowledge, that a thing has 3 components of similar visible or invisible bodies. This is not faith or belief; it is a mathematical logic, of 1, 2, and 3

Understand that, starting from any point, the levels of 3 vary. I will use simple terms that are commonly known to us to explain the trinity of man. The first level is the physical body, corresponding to you. The second level is the soul body, which you don’t see, but know that it is similar to your physical body. The third body is the angelic body, which is identical in every aspect to the physical body, and the soul body. The angelic body is sometimes referred to as the guiding angel. Here is a surprise, the being referred to as the guiding angel is your higher self. For if you where to see your guiding angel, you will notice that he or she looks exactly like your physical body.

From this level the highest governing body is the angelic body which is the divine aspect of yourself. The people that you see in your dreams are often the soul body or their angelic bodies. But, since they look identical to the physical body, we can hardly notice the difference between one and the other. Like it or not, the immediate God of man is the guardian angel, which is your own angelic body.

The trinity of the soul

Keeping in mind that the soul body is the second level of the bodies of man, as explained previously, each starting point has 2 levels above. The soul body has its own trinity to deal with. Starting from the soul body, the next level is the angelic body, and the one above that is the archangelic body. The archangelic body looks identical to the angelic body, which looks identical to the soul body.

So here man as a soul has a trinity of soul, angel, and archangel. Do not be confused, for this is a mathematical progression of a linking chain. The highest body a person becomes aware of any given level is the 3rd person on the trinity. At the level of the physical man, the highest person one can become aware is the angel. Sorry, but no man sees God, while a man, but the representative of God is what can be visible to us, which is the angel.

From the level of the soul, the governing body is the archangel, for it highest level of the trinity of the soul. The immediate God of the soul is the archangels, which are sometimes referred to as princes, hence, each living soul has an angel and an archangel connected to him or her.

The trinity of the angel

The angelic body is the 3rd person on the level of bodies. Its starting point may be referred to as the divine plain or heaven so to speak. The angel has a trinity to deal with and this trinity is the commonly known trinity of Father, son, Holy Spirit. These are terms have confused many and I hope the analysis of the trinity of light have shed some light on the subject. A light on each level; a light on the physicals plain, a light on the plain of the soul, and a light on the plain of the angel.

Starting from the angelic body, the next 2 levels are the archangel, and the God head, which is an Elohim. The 3rd person the trinity of the angels are the Elohim, hence the God of the angels is the Elohim. In this progression, we have known 3 levels of body, soul, and angel. Each of these having a trinity corresponding to the physical plain, soul plain, and the divine or heavenly plain. This also is a mathematical progression and as far as we know the levels of the trinity ends of the 3rd plain. The 3 above, commands the 3 below, though the medium of 3. From this analysis, God the Father is the Elohim, God the son is the archangel, and God the Holy Spirit is the angel.

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